Business Lifecycle with Blockchain

Glopa Inc. has strong worldwide relationships with companies and individuals based in countries like Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Hong Kong, Philippine, Malta, and Japan.

We can help any business including games to get advantages of blockchains, tokens, and use ICO to raise the value throughout the entire lifecycle based on the global resources mentioned above.

For instance, in the gaming industry, we can help a customer to develop a crypto game with our strong development team in Ukraine or Belarus and promote it with our media which has a broad reach in Japan and design an ICO and execute it with strong advisors from our Israeli connections.

Originally, Glopa Inc. was founded as a mobile game publisher in 2016.

Then, our international team with deep experiences in the financial industry have been expanding our business to help deals like M&A, fundraising, and global business partnership. From 2017, we got many of deals in ICO space likewise.

Formerly, our activity is restricted only to introduce institutional investors to ICO founders because it’s the only way to help them without any violation of the regulations.

In June 2018, we decided to start to help companies based in Japan or Asian countries to design and execute ICO with our powerful partnerships.


Yohei Nishikubo
Founder and CFO
Founded Glopa Inc. in 2016. Investment experiences in Israel, UK, Hong Kong, and Japan as a venture partner of Mitsui Global Investment. Management experiences as president of JLISTING and a corporate officer of Livedoor. Strategic Consulting experiences for traditional companies at Japan Research Insititute.
Minoru Yanai
Founder and COO
10+ years of experience in mobile content and applications in Japan. Advertisement and sales experience in new business planning at Rakuten Japan. 5+ years of global strategy consultation to Japanese mobile games. Experience in leading new mobile service in Japan, achieving over 100 Million downloads.
Daniel Beck
Founder and CMO
10+ years of global performance-based marketing experience. Cofounded 2 startups in mobile and digital marketing. Proven track record in ROI driven marketing campaigns in the US, EU, and Japan. Expert in conversion funneling, monetization and media buy in Google, Facebook, and mobile ad networks.
Hideaki Nemoto
Founder and CTO
Proven track record as a business unit leader, game production, and publishing at Nubee Japan. Experienced technical engineer at CyberAgent, overlooking its primal online assets Vast experience as software engineer and developer at Sony and NTTSoftware. Full knowledge of Mobile app business including business KPI, sales, recruiting and promotion.



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