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Publishing House

  • Launch your game in Japan

    For selected Global mobile game developers, we offer a unique partnership opportunity to publish your mobile game in Japan. You provide the game, and we make it ready for ROI driven performance campaigns in Japan.

    Game Developers
  • Publish the newest games from Japan

    For selected globalmobile game publishers, we offer the opportunity to be among the first to promote the new games coming from Japan.

    Game Media

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Mobile Game Developers

  • Identify the best games

    Glopa had developed a special mechanism to identify the games which have most potential to succeed in Japan. Using historical and real time statistical data together with human user experience feedback, we can smartly estimate the local market adoption & expected growth.

  • Localize & qualify the game to Japan

    Making your game to be ready to Japan is key element for success. Glopa initially review the game and suggest to necessary adjustment to be made for to the Japanese market. Glopa aims to assume the responsibility for all the localization efforts but we recognize that we will have to work with you to deliver the best product.

  • Monetize the game

    As your Japanese partner, Glopa will deploy local SDKs for monetization and engage in direct ROI driven marketing campaigns in Japan. We will carefully monitor the performance and optimize based on pre-defined KPIs. The goal is to find the keys for profitability, both from product & marketing sides.

Mobile Game Media

As cross-cultural publishing house, we have great pride on having the opportunity to bring new games from Japan to the global market. Therefore, we would like to welcome game media from global market who would like to introduce new games to their target audience, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you about our coming released games and partnership plans.

About Glopa!!

Glopa!! (Japanese short way of saying Global Publishing) is a cross-cultural publishing house for mobile games from and to Japan. We are partnering with game developers from around the world and Japan to bring the best games to new audiences.

We had developed a comprehensive partnership model which is based on revenue share model. The game developer licenses the game to Glopa in target market, and Glopa engage in all publishing activities which include: localization, monetization, marketing and customer support in target market.

Glopateam is comprised of experienced professionals with proven track record in mobile game development, production and marketing. Our core expertise is within identifying the best games, making the necessary upgrades to new target market and actively manage ROI driven marketing campaigns.

Glopa operates localization and marketing teams in Japan, Israel and Philippines.

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