ICO Consulting

Glopa Inc. has been connected with one of the most successful ICO consultants called BlockchainIL and helping its projects like Zeex or Mobilechain mainly for introducing them to Japanese institutional investors legally.

As it may be known, BlockchainIL has many resources like designing tokens or inviting strong advisors and we can take the advantages like those.

However, we had not moved to help Japanese Companies to execute their own ICO.

One of the reason is that the mission of Glopa Inc. is “Do the right thing”.

We believe that Japanese FSA has been progressing the right way and the regulations around ICO should be defined concretely in this 12 months.

So our first priority had been waiting for the new regulations issued by Japanese FSA.

On the other hand, kinds of ‘offshore’ schemes for making ICO by a Japanese company is not illegal in every aspect if it fulfills the required conditions.
It’s just like the schemes with traditional financial products like funds, securities or bonds.

So some Japanese companies would like making ICOs with offshore schemes, not waiting for the regulations issued by Japanese FSA.

In addition, some consulting companies without any expertise started to force some Japanese companies to execute ICOs.

We found that this could be problems for those kinds of companies and we can help those companies to do the right things for them including not doing their ICOs.

Once we find the ICO should make sense, we can help it like the followings and the ICO should be more successful.

  • To design tokens, blockchains or smart contracts more sophisticated.
  • To invite more strong advisors both in the target business industry and the cryptocurrency industry.
  • To write the white paper more clearly with the languages like English, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.
  • To secure all processes to be compliant with every law in the related countries.

That’s our insight for this market.

Any feedback to Glopa Inquiry is welcome!