It’s not a short story if we would start to mention about our capabilities made of our strong connections and experiences all over the world.
So we would like to tell what we never do on this page.

Sell tokens to retail investors publicly.

Although an activity like a seminar to gather many public audiences to sell the tokens by Japanese residents is obviously illegal, you can see many of those in every city like Tokyo, Osaka and etc…

Some of sales representatives in those kinds of events claim “You can make yourself rich with this token!”.

This is the totally illegal way in Japan.

We have had private meetings with institutional investors when we would help to sell ICO tokens. This is is the only legal way for selling tokens as Japanese residents at this moment.

Of course, you can take the way like above if you are not a Japanese resident.

We hardly recommend doing that.

Push every company to execute ICO.

We have our own methodology to pick a company or a business for ICO.

On the other hand, there are businesses which never fit with ICO.

We would like to offer other fundraising ways to the companies like those.